What is Prasaga? Project Overview Prasaga — The New Solution For The Blockchain Platform

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Blockchain is known as the technology behind the most famous cryptocurrency system in the world — Bitcoin. It can be said that when Bitcoin is getting more popular in the financial market, Blockchain also caused a fever in the technology world. The number of companies intending to research and apply Blockchain is increasing, the salary paid to Blockchain engineers is increasing as well. Every company wants to stay ahead of their competitors, adopting technology that is considered as the future of the world.

However, is blockchain application effective in these areas when blockchain exists disadvantages such as unable to apply intensive computations due to limitations of current unscalable blockchain environment? That is because all the computations in current blockchain is repeating across all nodes and it does not have an external realistic platform that can support intensive computations. Another factor need to be considered is the interoperability of the blockchain out there.

In particular, some blockchain projects also think about using external platform for computation purposes, nevertheless, they cannot provide flexible solution that can help their off-chain computations compatible with other blockchain platforms, leading developers are only able to create their dApps on a specific blockchain. Therefore, this makes the adoption target of blockchain even more difficult to achieve.

What is Prasaga?

Prasaga is a new root chain coin development and project. It’s the next step up in blockchain with features that can break current barriers and the data warehouses the business model creates and open up global access. The project aims to a future where data will help improve people’s quality of life, democratic, secure and private.

A variety of reliable data sources will be enlisted where Data consumers will be able to make a selection from; after selection, the quantity of data they need will be allocated to them. Prasaga is pioneering a new innovative niche, one that can be setup to service specific verticals. From my perception, Prasaga’s Data grid will present more opportunities for data market places to be established on the DataGrid Blockchain by creative and system integrators.

Main users

Equipment Manufacturers :Equipment manufacturers will have the opportunity to integrate with Prasaga as part of the manufacturing process. That way, Smart IoT devices can be supported by Prasaga, making it simple for device owners to start leveraging their data.

Systems Integrators will drive the initial Prasaga adoption because they have access to device manufacturers, device owners, and companies using IoT Smart devices.

AI and Machine Learning (ML) Companies:AI and ML companies require large amounts of data to train their algorithms. These algorithms are only smart when the data they are provided for, so reliable real-time data available on the DGB will help drive greater innovation.

Companies:Any company with a Smart IoT device can leverage Prasaga for anonymity and real-time data exchange without traditional IoT-related security risks.

Data Brokers :As more IoT Smart devices are connected, data brokers will be able to purchase data streams from devices owned by companies and people, repackaging , then sell them to consumer data.

Token Metrics by Prasaga

There will be 99.37 Billion DGT tokens. It seems much to be in circulation but if you look at a financial token called Ripple (XRP), a token used to carry out financial transactions. Then you’ll know Prasaga is in good hands. Prasaga token will be divided in this fashion.

Prasaga will be conducting its private sale, so any investor interested can participate in the project. Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundry authentications are important on DGBLabs.io before an investor can participate. It is also important to note that citizens that reside in the United States of America are prohibited from partaking in this presale event. If you buy the token at this initial price, the digital asset can bring in a lot of profit for you based on price appreciation when the token gets listed in multiple exchanges in the near future.

To participate in the token sale follow this link: https://www.dgblabs.io/

Price:1 DGT for $0.005

Token Allocation


Prasaga is a project founded by a team of members experienced in the field of developing and operating blockchain technology start-up projects such as VPN, MPLS, BitRader,… Prasaga’s phenomenon will bring technological advancement on already successful established projects and systems. Like the advancement on smart buildings, Traffic Lights, Factories and Industries, Buildings, you name it. Prasaga’s innovation will save time and money, increasing efficiency. The extensive team members above also show that the management is aiming for excellence. Participate in the token sales today and be part of this amazing future.

Website : https://www.prasaga.com/
Whitepapper : https://www.prasaga.com/ecosystem-whitepaper/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/PrasagaOfficial
Telegram : https://t.me/prasagaofficial
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/prasagaofficial
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/prasaga/


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