Paysenger is a service designed to monetize communication.


It so happened that even now blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are becoming an important part of our life and our development. We can already observe these processes in various areas, which certainly brings its users the best opportunities for both development and additional income. And there is too much information, but it has become more difficult to find something really valuable. Their attention needs a filter that will weed out superficial information, but will leave important content and valuable contacts.

Paysenger is a universal solution for paid communication. The service helps you to communicate directly with experts, celebrities and owners of unique knowledge. Paysenger allows opinion leaders to monetize their attention in a new way, while investors are offered to invest in a token named EGO. Moreover, Paysenger will attract millions of internet users to NFT technology who want direct communication with the popular people. Money and attention of newcomers will flood the NFT market. Consequently, all participants of the crypto world will benefit: both investors and entrepreneurs.

About Paysenger

Paysenger is a next-generation social network, a paid communication service for monetizing attention. It allows scientists, experts and influencers to get paid by responding to users’ requests. Developers plan to add an internal NFT marketplace to the Paysenger platform in the near future, so that users can convert answers from experts into NFTs and sell them to other users at a similar price.

Paysenger creates a new way of communication in a world with the fastest-growing relations and unchanged attention span. Now you can attract attention to your message or call by paying for the recipient’s attention with a fiat or EGO token. It is getting much easier with Paysenger to contact a media person or get expert advice. Received media content can be converted into NFT (Non-fungible token). It can be saved or sold on the internal marketplace for EGO.

Paysenger adds a new dimension to communication where human attention becomes a valuable resource. We are creating a seamless way for experts and influencers to monetise their interactions. Their platform will provide a reliable financial filter and highlight the most valuable offers while rewarding users for their time and attention. EGO is the utility token on the platform. The mission of the project is to create a collaboration ecosystem where everyone can maximize their value and realize their full creative potential. EGO will represent human attention in the digital world: any request for our attention can be paid in EGO.

EGO Token

EGO is an internal payment method of Paysenger. Each service on the platform can be paid with fiat money, as well as BNB, USD or EGO tokens. Paying for services with EGO is profitable. If you use the token, the platform’s commission will be significantly reduced. You can exchange EGO for cash on the platform through an integrated crypto-fiat exchanger at the current exchange rate of the token.

In addition, EGO is a good token for investment. Here’s why:

  • The token is provided by a real product, the Paysenger service;
  • EGO is a payment method of Paysenger and the internal NFT marketplace, which will grow after Paysenger growth. And it means that the turnover of EGO tokens will be increased.
  • The commission for the minting NFT will be paid only in EGO tokens.


Experts registered on the Paysenger platform can earn EGO tokens almost immediately. When the services of these experts are requested, their clients’ pay the EGO tokens as agreed upon, and they get answers, consultation, or advice as asked. Be sure to visit the official Paysenger platform console website now to know more information about the features of the platform, the possibilities of its EGO token, as well as great quizzes that will help you learn more new information, raise your intelligence level, and also start earning a great additional income.

You can ask questions to the development team in the official chanel:








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